Hiru in his Geki warrior uniform.



Shin (Master)

Kanshi (Sister)




Martial Artist

I am from a proud line of Geki, you should be very, very afraid.

-Hiru to one of his enemies.


Hiru was the strongest menber of his village. He was sent to a hidden temple to train at the young age of 8. He is the main character of the Tale of Hiru. He was taken from his village by a mysterious man named Shin. He was taken to train because he is a chosen warrior that is secretly from a long line of proud Geki, ancient warriors know for their divine skills. He is the 10th Geki in his divine bloodline. He did not know of his hritage until he was told by Shin.
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Hiru as a young man during his training.


Hiru has the power to generate flames from thin air.Hiru learned this power from his master Shin. The flames are a dark shade of blue. He has the sacred technique of the Geki known as the Konshiru Hashinmanbata. It is a technique that only Geki warriors know. The technique gives them the ability to move at a speed faster than that of light and the power to read an opponent's mind, giving him an advantage of knowing what the enemy is going to do next. He mostly uses a divine sword style and martial arts but will sometimes resort to brutal street fighting moves such as brutal punches, tackles, elbows and knees. Sometimes he will even use a tricky style of fighting that confuses the opponent, even though he was trained to never use trickery.


Hiru's weapon is a mid size sword. Hiru uses his sword as an extension of his flame powers. He can use his sword to make a blade of fire. He uses the Konshiru Hashinmanbata to enhance the use of his flames. He also hides two knives in his gauntlets and his shin guards. He also uses his the shoulder guards on his Geki warrior uniform as a form of brass knuckles to enhance his tackling power. He also has a spear that he usually carries on his back.