Kanshi is the younger sister of Hiru. She was very depressed when Hiru was taken to train so she decided to become a kunoichi so she could find Hiru and bring him back to the village. She asked Shin why she couldn't go train with them because she thought she was also a Geki warrior but Shin told her that only men could become Geki warriors and this caused her to become furious. She then also wanted to become a kunoichi so she could defeat Shin to prove she could be a Geki warrior. She found a master kunoichi named Midokin. After mastering Midokin's training Kanshi was given new battle armor.


She learned how to control lightning from her master Midokin. She also created a fighting style called The Raging Tempest. She also has the power to create clones of herself. She can turn any part of her body into electricity. She uses her quick movement and small frame to move around quickly. She can move around in trees like a monkey. She uses her ability to turn into electricity to enhance her fighting abilities. She uses the heels on her boots to make her kicks hit harder.


Kanshi's favorite weapon is her short sword. She also hides a dagger in the heel of her left boot. She also has two sai that also function as lightning rods. She also uses them to conduct electricity into her body that she uses to shoot at the foe. She also has the power to shapeshift when in her electric form. Sometimes she transforms into a knife to cut her opponenets in half. She also uses her electricity to extend her sword. She also creates ninja stars out of electricity to launch at her enemmies.


Kanshi testing out her new armor.