Neji is a samurai/ninja created by Zeon1 (aka MrFluffman). He trains hard and often speaks of his ambition to become the best.

He is the main character of Swords and Blood, and it's sequel Swords and Blood: The Path.


Neji is very kind and caring, often sticking his neck out very far to help a friend. He is headstrong and confident, but suprisngly humble. In combat, he is a vicous fighter, often quickly dismembering his opponents and taking them down quickly.


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Neji wields a longsword, and has several stars and knives in his belt, which he keeps with him at all times. He early on mastered the Elemental magic of Fire, often using it when fighting opponents. Unlike several other Samurai, his is green, the hottest type of fire.

Besides this, Neji carries a group of glass bottles, which are filled with napalm, gunpowder, and other insane trinkets. He refers to this as his "collection".